How to make a hand made 3D face mask

Materials needed:

  • We need the pattern we made in the previous blog.(tip- use a 100% cotton fabric because the mask will be more breathable.
  • Two pieces of fabric 10 inchx10 inches 
  • We need thread
  • Scissors 
  • Two pair of elastic band cord with adjustable buckle
  1. We need to cut 2 faces using the pattern we made on the previous blog.
  2.  We proceed to sew the two pieces together (like shown below)

Tip “Make some cuts on the upper part of the mask to give more shape of the under eyes and the nose”

3) We are going to steam out the seams to make them nice and flat and turn it inside out.

4) You are going to fold the upper part of the mask following the white line and the bottom part of the mask following the white line and sew them.

5) Pin the corners of the mask and steam the mask to make it more nice and flat when you are sewing

6) Tack the flaps of the mask using the measurements of your machine to do a straight stitch.

7) Tack the elastic cord band into the gap of the flaps.

8) Cut off the excessive thread and steam the mask one more time to make it to make it nice and flat and now is ready to use.

I hope you enjoy this blog!!

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