How to short dress shirt sleeves

To get the right sleeves length we have two tips to get the right measurements

Tip1)First get a shirt that will fit you perfectly then measure the proper distance from the shoulder

Tips2) Using a measuring tape take the measurement from the top where the shoulder starts. Also bend your arm and measure it to where your wrist ends.

Before you tear apart the sleeve placket and the cuff, apply the measurement we took from tip 1 or tip 2. We are going to name it line A.

Once we mark where we want our desire sleeve length, we need to measure the cuff width and then apply this measurement to line A .

Name this line B

From line B add 1cm to connect the cuff sleeves with the body sleeves called ( seam allowance)

After marking the 1cm name this line C

Use a seam ripper to tear apart the cuff and the sleeve placket 

After we tear apart the whole cuff and the sleeve placket

Cut along line C

Take the sleeve placket and measure it and cut it

Now we proceed to resew the sleeve placket

Once you sew in the sleeve placket, proceed to sew back in the cuff.

Tip) To make sure you sew the cuff the right way, make sure the sleeves placket button hole is  in the same direction as the cuff button hole 

We have to measure the length of the cuff and then take the length of the finish mark and subtract however much it goes over and that’s how big your pleats are.

Tip) to secure your pleats pin it down or sew them

Now we are gonna run it through the machine right across that top part 

Don’t forget where you’re gonna put sleeve placket button , mark it and that’s the spot the button needs to go back on. Tip ) Use a colonial tailors chalk pencil to mark where the button has to go.

If you are in this stage !Congratulations! you just finished the shortening of your shirt sleeves, it’s much short from the beginning. I hope you found any of the tips useful.

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