Essential tools

Pin & Needles

Pins and needles are essential when it comes to sewing. The pin keeps your fabric in place and with the needle you will proceed to sew. These can be broken into different categories:

Hand Sewing needles 

It helps you when you are basting ,mending, sewing a simple button, or hand sewing an invisible seam.

Machine needles

Machine are crucial when you are sewing in a machine since the needle can’t break while sewing any type of fabric for example a denim jean can’t break a needle so its essential to have machine needles as backups just incase.

Safety Pin

A safety pin can be so useful when trying to pull an elastic through casings. They can be even used for taking measurements to make sure you don’t poke yourself with the needle. 


The pins hold multiple layers of fabric together until they are all sewn. The length and type are all up to your desire. Some pins are designed for more fine fabric while the others that are longer are used for quilting.

Pin Cushion

Definitely need a cushion to put your pins in a more safe place, if you keep them in a bag or a box is like asking for a poke on your finger tips.

Fabric Scissors

It’s extremely important to have sharp scissors not only you can use them on fabric but it can cut other surfaces like patterns made in paper.

Tailor Chalk

It’s essential to have chalk because its used to make any pattern or just to mark down any type of measurement onto their corresponding fabrics pieces, specially when the fabric is dark it’s more visible 

Tip: If the marks are not necessary anymore they can easily be wiped off by brushing them off .

Measuring Tape 

Measuring tape it’s so crucial when it comes to do a project because you want exact measurement and with the measuring tape you will get better results. It’s perfect for measuring fabrics width or just even making the smallest measurements.

Fabric Marking Pen

Fabric are used like a chalk but the ble or even the purple helps to create more fine lines on a light or white fabric . Most fabric marking pens usually wash away with water or just pass the iron where the mark is.


The thimble are designed for hand sewing, the thimble goes on your middle finger to protect your fingertip while you are pushing the needle through the fabric.


Of course you can sew without threads. The most used are cotton threads for woven fabrics or polyester for knits. There are many other different types of thread but it’s up to you to decide which goes with the fabric.

Threads in Node 10.5.0: a practical intro - DailyJS - Medium

You can use any ruler you like to take an straight measurement that you want to do while adjusting your patterns.

Sewing machine

Getting a sewing machine is the first step on learning how to sew or create a project. There are some many machines but the ones we recommend you to look at are the Singers, Brother, Juki machines. Having a sewing machine can save you up to 70% of your time instead of sewing with your hands.

Seam Ripper

 It helps you to cut the tread quickly or even cut any excessive thread