How hem dress pants

Materials needed

  • Needle
  • Thread (identical as the pants)
  • Scissors
  • Chalk
  1. Pin your desire length with safety pins first so its easy to mark with the chalk. Tip.If you wear a couple of different pairs of shoes, put on the lowest ones which that prevents the pants from not dragging onto the ground which causes damage in the lower part of your dressing pants.
  1. With a chalk mark a line across the pant length to the desire length you want to hem the pants. Do this process again in the other pant leg

2. From the line we marked we are going to measure down for the hem 2 1/2(amount turned under), do this for both pants legs.

3. Cut along the second line we made. Turn over the leg pants inside out and marked in the same stop that you marked in the outer part of the pants. Tip to get the exact place where you marked turn the pant and with a help of a ruler and a chalk mark on the seam and make a straight mark across the leg pant.

4. From the line that you made from the inside out you are going to sew a slated hem on the side. To prevent the fabric to wrinkle at the end when you are doing the hand stitch.

5. Unstitch the seam not the slanted one but the original seam that was there first.

6. After to secure the edge of the leg pants, you are going to do a zigzagged edge in order for the edge to not unravel.

7. After you are going to fold the bottom of the pants to the desire length you marked at the beginning and steam it so it’s easier to do the blind-stitch.

8.You are going to do hand sewing stitches. As you start sewing along, start doing a blind stitch. Tip( In order for the fabric not move around while you while doing the blind stitch first do a baste stitch with a different thread color).

9. Turn the pants to the right side and it should look something like this. I hope you enjoy it.

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