Is sewing and tailoring a talent?

Sometimes being crafty, you become very creative and come up with different ideas, you start reading crafty books and blogs that potentially could help you, this can lead you to get inspired and come up with very unrealistic ideas. Sewing has become very popular lately, many people tend to learn how to sew because they [...]

What’s the right size for me?

Taking your body measurements will help you choose the right size. With the measurements of your body you will be able to find your closest size or your exact size and it also depends on the size chart, this applies when you are online shopping. But it’s better to shop in person because you are [...]

Tailoring and Alteration. What’s the difference?

Tailoring Alteration There are different stores that offer the service of tailoring meanwhile other stores promote free alterations. But how do I know what type of service I need? Is there any difference? To start off, a tailor can do alterations since they have highly skilled skills that range from the most complicated sewing task [...]

How to Slime down a Shirt

Materials Safety Pins Erasable Pen Ruler Seam RipperThread Sewing machine Start pinning the amount you want to take in on your shirt using safety pins. Tip. Pin the amount you want to take in on your shoulder too so when you slime down the shirt it doesn't look different or weird. Start marking along the [...]

How to Hem Women’s Dress Pants

Materials ChalkRulerSame color threadSafety pinSewing machine First, with the help of safety pins, pin the excessive amount of fabric up to your desire length. Start marking along the folded line with help of a tailor chalk and start unpinning the safety pins but don't worry to that you will have to do it again that's [...]

How to make a hand made 3D face mask

Materials needed: We need the pattern we made in the previous blog.(tip- use a 100% cotton fabric because the mask will be more breathable.Two pieces of fabric 10 inchx10 inches We need threadScissors Two pair of elastic band cord with adjustable buckle We need to cut 2 faces using the pattern we made on the previous blog. We [...]

How to patch a hole in a Jean

You can patch a hole using a needle and thread or you could use a patch from any type of fabric that matches your jean or anything that you are patching as long as it matches to the jean yare patching. But today we will show you how to patch your jeans with a piece [...]

There are Different types of sewing Machines

There are many types of  sewing machines with extra pieces and whistles other than the basic sewing machines stitches. If you are passionate about sewing it should be interesting to learn more about the machines since it can help you with further projects. As you developed a more intense  bond with sewing you realize the [...]

Different types of Fabric

If you’re wanting to learn to sew or already know how but you’re looking for some tips, fabric is probably something that makes you drivel. There’s just something great about piles the untouched fabric. Something that triggers you that makes you buy them. But that fabric store can confuse you with all the different types [...]



Sewing a button it might seem like its complicated but in reality it’s super easy to do it. Sewing a button can become a new skill for your hand. Learning how to sew a button is a slight way to make yourself more independent. If you don’t know how to sew a button but want [...]