How to Shorten the Sleeve of a Suit


  • Chalk
  • Ruler
  • Fusible non-woven pellon
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors

First put the suit on and measure your desired length that you want to shorten the sleeve and mark it with a chalk.

We are going to completely unstitch the sleeve and remove the buttons.

We are going to connect the chalk marks and this line is going to be (Line A)so we can see where the new length of the sleeve is going to be at.

We are going to fold along (Line A). Tip) Use an iron to steam where the new cuffs are gonna go, so it’s not hard to reconstruct the cuffs again.

Tip) Use a fusible non-woven pellon of 2 inches  to do the catch stitch later on to hold on the lining of the suit, this step is essential because later on you when you do the catch stitch, the stitch will be showing in the outer part of the suit. Used an iron to stick the pellon to the fabric.

 From (Line A), we are going to measure 2 inches down and we are going to name this (Line B) and cut along (Line B) 

We are going to fold the side of the sleeve and iron it and then again we are going to fold  through (Line A) and iron it to do the seam on the inward placket. Tip) On the other side do the same thing but grab a ruler and chalk and put the ruler vertically and mark it on the inside and outside to do the mitre seam.

Sew the seam on the inward placket and the mitre seam.

We are going to do the chart stitch along the fusible non-woven pellon

We are going to proceed to close the sleeve fabric like shown below

We are going to sew back the buttons before we sew the lining back because if we were to close the lining we won’t be able to sew the buttons back. Tip) Use an old card and make some holes where the original buttons were so when you want to sew them back you know where the holes go.

Pull down the lining and with a chalk mark along where the new cuffs are at, and cut along the mark you’ve made.

Turn the sleeve inside out and from the side seam of the lining open the stitch not everything just a little bit.

From the same opening we made earlier on the lining, we are going to sew the lining and the fabric of the suit.

Close the unstitch lining and iron it. And you have shortened the length of the sleeve.

Final Result

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