Why prices vary on alterations?

How much does a tailoring cost?

Alterations and tailoring is different for every type of garment because most of us are a bit taller or shorter than other people. to make the clothes more flattering to your body there’s adjustment that need to be made in order to fit your body type perfect. From jacket sleeves, dress shirts and blazers to the hems of jeans and everything in between, a professional tailor can make small tucks or major alterations to clothing to make it as flattering as possible and prevent clothes from slipping, sliding and gaping.

In general, the average cost of a tailor depends on the number of alterations made. Tailors typically charge a fee for each alteration, which may vary depending on location. This is because there’s different alterations that need to be made to each piece of clothing so therefore the prices may vary a lot due to many factors such as,

  • There’s double seams on the garment
  • The garment has different patterns ( so when repairing the tailor needs to follow that pattern to make the alteration look as flattering as possible)
  • It also depends on how much each piece of garment needs to be taken in
  • The time the tailor is going to take to resize the garment

The material can also be another factor why the prices vary because every piece of garment have different material. One of the materials can be easy to work on but other materials can be hard to work on due to the texture of the material.

On this material is hard to work because its denim and most of the time the jeans have double stitch and the amount of time to open the seam is a lot, also when we stitching the denim the needle of the machine often breaks.
Meanwhile, working on this fabric its much easier because the fabric is soft and it has less seams than the denim and when stitching the fabric the needle always goes through with no problem and it doesn’t break.

This are some factors that influence the price of any tailor, this is why most of the tailor don’t have an exact price for any garment. Also even thought the garments might be the same there’s always different stitches and seams and if the adjustments are different from the other pair of garments the prices are going to change.

Tailor most of the time have a basic starting price but there might be other fees or the prices might change because of how much resizing needs to be done.

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