Why prices vary on alterations?

How much does a tailoring cost? Alterations and tailoring is different for every type of garment because most of us are a bit taller or shorter than other people. to make the clothes more flattering to your body there's adjustment that need to be made in order to fit your body type perfect. From jacket [...]

How to Shorten the Sleeve of a Suit

Materials Chalk RulerFusible non-woven pellonSewing Machine Scissors First put the suit on and measure your desired length that you want to shorten the sleeve and mark it with a chalk. We are going to completely unstitch the sleeve and remove the buttons. We are going to connect the chalk marks and this line is going [...]

How to Hem Bridesmaid Dresses

Materials PinsSewing Basting TapeSewing machineThreadTailor Chalk First, put on the dress and shoes at the same time and measure your desired length that you want to hem and mark it with the Chalk Hem Marker.  Tip) Usually the length of the dresses are ½ inch or 1 inch of the ground. Let the Bridesmaid stand [...]

Popular Stitch Techniques

STITCHIN' TIME THE WHIP STITCH If you got an opening, the whip stitch is a great way to close it up! Just insert your needle into the front of the fabric, then take it over the top of the edge, then back to the front! How it's Used.. A whipstitch is an overcast stitch.Pull each [...]

How to Slime down a Shirt

Materials Safety Pins Erasable Pen Ruler Seam RipperThread Sewing machine Start pinning the amount you want to take in on your shirt using safety pins. Tip. Pin the amount you want to take in on your shoulder too so when you slime down the shirt it doesn't look different or weird. Start marking along the [...]

How to Hem Women’s Dress Pants

Materials ChalkRulerSame color threadSafety pinSewing machine First, with the help of safety pins, pin the excessive amount of fabric up to your desire length. Start marking along the folded line with help of a tailor chalk and start unpinning the safety pins but don't worry to that you will have to do it again that's [...]

How to Taper Jeans

In this blog, we are going to learn how to narrow our jeans when they don't fit perfectly, below there's the steps on how to do it to get a more professional look. Materials Safety Pin Chalk/ Erasable Pen Ruler Sewing machineSeam Ripper IronSeam Guide 1/8 - 3/8 Put your jean on and then  pull [...]

How to take in the Waist

Materials Pins Sewing Machine Marking Chalk Erasable PenMeasuring tool Pair of scissors Pull the waistband snug and secure the excess fabric with an extra-large safety pin and pin as much needed to take in the waist 2. Carefully mark along the pinned seam. Remove pins. Don’t freak out, but it’s time to take them apart. Tip: Use [...]

How hem dress pants

Materials needed Needle Thread (identical as the pants) Scissors Chalk Pin your desire length with safety pins first so its easy to mark with the chalk. Tip.If you wear a couple of different pairs of shoes, put on the lowest ones which that prevents the pants from not dragging onto the ground which causes damage [...]

How to make a hand made 3D face mask

Materials needed: We need the pattern we made in the previous blog.(tip- use a 100% cotton fabric because the mask will be more breathable.Two pieces of fabric 10 inchx10 inches We need threadScissors Two pair of elastic band cord with adjustable buckle We need to cut 2 faces using the pattern we made on the previous blog. We [...]