¿Why are clothing Alterations so Expensive? 

Alterations can range from easy to very difficult. I think it’s very helpful to explain in detail how altering clothes are done so you have an understanding next time you need to be done and how the prices can range.

The alterations depend on the materials and how the garment was constructed. Most of the time altering clothes can be more difficult than sewing new clothes due to the fact that new clothes already have a set of measurements, and they are assembled in a predefined and efficient order. Altering clothes takes more time because they have to review how to reconstruct the garment and most of the time they have to take everything apart, and then from there to make the alteration and then reassemble it again, the repairs have to be done without damaging the fabric and make it seamless.

It requires a person with very high techniques with knowledge of fabric techniques to effectively alter the range of garments. Even though it might not seem worth paying for an alteration but have to understand that you are paying for the skills, materials, meetings, fittings, time and also, the modification can also be easy or difficult, this is regardless of what you originally paid for the garment.In order to provide the best service they need to be adequately compensated for their hard work. 

The trend of low cost clothing has drastically changed the perspective on alterations because it seems like the fees are out of hand, that they are insanely high because they are not coming down to match the value that they originally purchased the clothes. It’s possible to think that alterations are very expensive and we expect that the prices match the price that originally we paid for.

We are going to proceed to give you some tips when buying clothes that can fit you very well and that later on won’t need any repair. Remember, just because the price is high doesn’t mean it has good quality or is it well or with good quality fabric.


  • Hold the garment up and get the sense of the weight of the garment and the tighter the wave the better.
  • Check the seams make sure the stitches are tight, evenly spaced and lie flat within the fabric.
  • Make sure the buttonholes are very sturdy 
  • Expect to pay more for good quality clothes that will actually last.

Tips when looking for clothes that need to be altered:

  • If either the garment it’s too big or too small it will need to either take-in or take-out, it all depends on the situation.
  • Lined garments are very difficult to alter and very time consuming to alter 
  • Men’s jackets are always very expensive to alter because it’s difficult to reconstruct the garment again.

Time and the effort put into every alteration

The type of fabric and the quality of the fabric

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