How to find the perfect Bridesmaid Dress Alterations? 

You have everything ready. You got the shoes. Your dress. Except your bridesmaid dress needs to be altered. If you have never been to a tailor, you must have a ton of questions on how the process is done? How much is it gonna cost? How long is it gonna take? On this blog we will be answering these questions regarding the whole process from the price to the alterations of the dress and what to do and expect during your visit to the tailor.

  1. How much do bridesmaid dress alterations cost?

The cost of a bridesmaid dress alteration can vary widely, depending on the amount of alterations that need to be done, such as the original construction of the dress, how many layers of fabric it has, how long is the dress, etc. We recommend you to visit your local tailor or seamstress to be able to get an accurate estimate of your alteration.

2. How long do bridesmaid dress alterations take ?

How long are the alterations going to take? We recommend you to NOT wait until the last minute to get your bridesmaid alterations completed. Alterations could take up to two to four  weeks to complete.The average in the industry, alterations usually take up to one to two weeks to be completed. Some tailors can offer rush service that can be completed faster, typically for the next day or second day, depending on the alterations and your preference. The tailor will do their best to accommodate you and your time frame.

3. Are appointments required for bridesmaid dress alterations?

Some tailors might not require customers to schedule appointments for fitting but keep in remind that all tailors are not the same and some might require customers to book an appointment with them, in that case we recommend you book your appointment in advance. We recommend you to schedule at least 6 weeks in advance to make sure your local tailor can accommodate your alterations.

4. What to expect during your visit to the tailor?

Now that you have a little bit of knowledge on the price and turnaround time for your alterations We are going to talk about what to expect during your appointment with the tailor. During the visit the tailor will take a look at your dress. During the fitting make sure you talk to the tailor to make your request or change on to the dress. 

Also another important advice, DO NOT forget to bring your shoes that you will be wearing with your bridesmaid dress. These items are essential to make sure your dress fits perfectly and the most accurate as possible. If you are thinking of wearing shapewear bring it to the fitting so you can try it on with the dress on since the measurements will change with shapewear on. 

Most bridesmaid alterations can be done with one fitting but others might need more than two fittings depending on what needs to be done to the dress. Our recommendation is two make two fitting sessions and a final try-on session to make sure the dress is perfect for your body type. 

5. Final Pick-Up and Try-on & Last minute Tips

Before you leave the tailor, make sure to try on the dress for one more time to make sure it fits the way you wanted to fit. If you feel like it needs more adjustments, make sure you tell the tailor to see what they can do to fix it before the ceremony. Also, we recommend getting your dress professionally steamed or dry cleaned before the ceremony. 

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