What’s the right size for me?

Taking your body measurements will help you choose the right size. With the measurements of your body you will be able to find your closest size or your exact size and it also depends on the size chart, this applies when you are online shopping. But it’s better to shop in person because you are able to try-on the apparel before purchasing. It is the most important thing you should keep in mind because you are going to check the garment around like the texture, the quality, the size, etc.

Tip:According to our tailor’s data, if it fits on the shoulder, the alteration  would be more convenient because you would save some money on readjusting the shoulders since it’s a more complicated process.

Use the diagram above to help you measure the right spots 

Bust: Measure around the back, under the arms and across the chest. Tip: Use a measuring tape and also it should be across the chest and back and it shouldn’t be too tight or too loose.

Waist: Measure around the waist with the measurement tape. It should be flat against your body, it should be comfortable but not too tight. 

Hips: Measure the full part of the hips. Depending on your body type the hips tend to be higher or lower on the individual figure.

Tip: If you don’t feel comfortable with the measurements you got yourself. You can always go to a professional tailor, they can help you find your measurements. 

If your measurements are slightly different from the size chart, we recommend choosing the closest size to your measurements.

Take note that the chart has standard size and plus size, choose whichever fits you the best.

Knowing your measurements can help you facilitate your online shopping and also your in-person shopping  because you are not looking for clothes blinding but you actually are looking for specific clothes with certain measurements 

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