Tailoring and Alteration. What’s the difference?


There are different stores that offer the service of tailoring meanwhile other stores promote free alterations. But how do I know what type of service I need? Is there any difference?

To start off, a tailor can do alterations since they have highly skilled skills that range from the most complicated sewing task to custom-fit a piece of clothing with specific measurements to accommodate your own body. Tailoring is something not everyone can do because the clothes are custom-fit, so therefore it will cost a price but however, the garment can have a huge difference making you look good in your clothes, after all it can be worth the price.

While alterations just refers to refitting or fixing a garment, the process can go from patching a hole from adding pockets to a garment. It could be as easy as taking in the waist on a pair of pants. But sometimes alterations are necessary to repair a garment. The alteration specialist knows the secret to make the necessary modification without leaving any visible mark that the garment has been modified.

Even though the tailor or the alteration expert demonstrates good work and talent, keep your expectations realistic because  tailors can have different skills and have plenty of experience in the industry and years of experiences but others might only have taken some sewing classes or don’t have as much experience in the field.

Before taking your clothes anywhere you want, you should first ask around your neighborhood or friends about their local tailors and alteration experts. Have different tailors modify your shirt , dress , skirt, etc. Not only do you want to see a neat change made but also the speed and the efficiency and overall the quality the tailor provides you. 

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