How to Slime down a Shirt


  • Safety Pins
  • Erasable Pen
  • Ruler
  • Seam Ripper
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine

Start pinning the amount you want to take in on your shirt using safety pins. Tip. Pin the amount you want to take in on your shoulder too so when you slime down the shirt it doesn’t look different or weird.

Start marking along the safety pins to see how much you have to take in and after that start unpinning the safety pins but don’t worry that’s why we are marking it along the safety pins.

Apply the measurements from row A to the side seam of the shirt measuring each one. Do this for the other side of the side seam with the proper measurements you marked down.

Cut along the side seam on both side but leave 1/2 inch on both side so you are available to do the side seam again. Do this process on the other side-seam

With the seam ripper open 1 inch on the bottom hem and the upper hem sleeve of the shirt so you are able to fold 1/2 to do the side seam, notice that you should do your seam in the inner part of your shirt not the outer part. Once again we are going to do this for the other side

Turn your shirt to the other side and start sewing the outer seam . Tip: Use the 1/4 seam guide to make the perfect side seam stitch.

Lastly, close the bottom hem and the upper sleeve hem and you’ve done it you slime down your shirt.

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