How to Taper Jeans

In this blog, we are going to learn how to narrow our jeans when they don’t fit perfectly, below there’s the steps on how to do it to get a more professional look.

  • Safety Pin
  • Chalk/ Erasable Pen
  • Ruler
  • Sewing machine
  • Seam Ripper
  • Iron
  • Seam Guide 1/8 – 3/8
  1. Put your jean on and then  pull and pinch the excess fabric around your thigh and calf area that you’d like to make more narrow. Tip: Use a safety pin for a more safe procedure so you don’t get hurt while you are pinning.

2. After this step we are going to take the measurements to see how much we have to narrow.

This is our measurements but you might have different measurements. Tip: sometimes you only have to go up once with the 12 inches because it all depends on the length of the leg in our case we had to add 2 times 12 inches.

3. Start unpinning the safety pins and start unstitching the bottom hem d in order to open the whole inner seam of the jeans. Tip: for a faster process use a seam ripper so it’s easy to unstitch the stitches.

4. Turn your jeans inside out and apply the measurements from Step 2. Tip. Since you unstitch the inner seam the fabric will start to move so we recommend you to pin the side of the fabric so it doesn’t move around.

Apply the measurements you pin before in the fitting time

Divide the amount that you need to narrow in two sides

5. Start sewing along the white line since you are doing this for both legs, sew all along the in-seam.

Cut the excessive fabric
At the end it should look like this, after this we are going to sew with overlock machine so the stitch doesn’t unravel

6. Start stitching the in-seam with the overlock machine

7. With a seam ripper start unstitching the side seam to stitch the in-seam.

8. To sew the top stitch in the in-seam, you are going to open both ending of the leg and sew in the middle of the in-seam, all around of both legs. Tip: If you want the stitches to look more professional first you stitch with the seam guide of 1/8 and for the other stitch you are going to use seam guide of 3/8.

9. After you are done with the top stitch in the in-seam, you are going to sew back the side-seam to close up the leg.

10. This is the last step, in order for you to do the hem just follow the original marks on the jeans. You are going to fold twice in the marks and sew the hem.

11. Turn your jeans to the right side and iron smooth, and you have narrow your pants to your desire measurements. Your final product should look like this.

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