How to take in the Waist


  • Pins
  • Sewing Machine
  • Marking Chalk
  • Erasable Pen
  • Measuring tool
  • Pair of scissors
  1. Pull the waistband snug and secure the excess fabric with an extra-large safety pin and pin as much needed to take in the waist

2. Carefully mark along the pinned seam. Remove pins. Don’t freak out, but it’s time to take them apart. Tip: Use an erasable pen for a more safe procedure when you are marking because some chalks can stain your pants.

TIP: Mark both sides along the safety pin so it’s easier to see how much you need to take in

3. Carefully remove completely the belt loop at the center back

4. Demins usually sewn with a chain stitch, so be sure to clip the beginning and end of each stitch line you wish to remove. Unstitch the upper and bottom stitch to completely separate the outer and inner waistband Tip: to remove a chain stitch  lift up the chain stitch on the other side in that same spot In one direction it will stop, in the other it will start to come apart. Pull the thread in that direction until you get to a point where it won’t go any further, then grab the threads on both sides. Hang on to them and pull gently on both at the same time. The stitches should start unstitching

5. From the marks you’ve made before measure from one line to the other one, to see how much you are going to take in.

6. Clip the chain stitching from the top of the back seam Pull from the top to remove chain.

Tip: If you don’t want the fabric to move around while you apply the amount you want to take in you can sew a straight line where you unstitch the chain line.

7. Now use the measurement from above, for me it’s going to be 1 3/4 and im going to apply it to the back seam but not the 1 3/4, im going to divide it in two so it would be 3/4 for each side because the pants are folded so each side would have equal amount. Then mark a line with the chalk and then from there mark down until where you open the seam on the back and stitch a line following the mark chalk you just made.

8. From the stitch you’ve made you are going to leave a seam allowance of 1 inch and cut the excessive fabric and sew the part that you cut with the overlock machine so the ends don’t unravel.

9. After that step what you wanna do is sew the back seam again.

10. Start sewing the bottom part of the waistband and start unstitching the upper stitch of the waist band “A”. After that start unstitching the upper stitches “B &C”.

11. Once you unstitch stitch “B &C” you are going to apply the amount you were going to take in to both of the waistband, in my case 1 3/4 but we are going to do the same step as step 7 so we are going to divide for both so 3/4 which equals to 1 3/4 for both sides, From the recent stitch measure 3/4 and mark it and sew along the line you’ve made and cut the excessive fabric . Do this for both waistband “B & C”

Do this for waistband B as well

12. After this process we are ready to close the waistband, grab both waist band “B &C” and sew it with the bottom part of the pant, after sewing both part, you are going to sew back the belt loop from the center back.

13. You did it!

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