How to patch a hole in a Jean

You can patch a hole using a needle and thread or you could use a patch from any type of fabric that matches your jean or anything that you are patching as long as it matches to the jean yare patching. But today we will show you how to patch your jeans with a piece of fabric.

  1. The jean you trying to patch
  2. Thread (heavy duty)
  3. Needle 
  4. Scissors 
  5. Any type of fabric that matches the jean
  6. fusible (iron-on) non-woven light-weight interfacing

Step 1

Trim away the frayed edges, this will give the patch a more cleaner and professional look.

Step 2

Cut a piece of matching denim fabric to cover the hole. The patches depends on how big is the hole you are gonna cover. If the hole is big you might want to cut a bigger denim fabric to cover the patch.

Step 3

Turn the jeans the other way and you are gonna put some fusible (iron-on)pellon on the sides of the hole after that you are gonna put the patch in top of that and iron it to secure the patch to the jean so when we sew the patch, it wont keep moving from side to side.

Tip: To make sure the patch stays on place pin in around so you can work better.

Turn the jeans backwards

Use some fusible (iron-on)pellon to secure the fabric when you are sewing it.

Step 4

You are gonna sew the patches but what you wanna do is sew in an upward direction then going in a downwards direction to secure better your patch and to give it a more professional look.

Tip: Make sure to use a  thread that matches your jeans so the patch is less visible and looks more professional .

Find a thread that matches the jeans

sew in an upward direction then going in a downwards direction

Step 5 

Make sure to trim away all the excess fabric from the piece of fabric you use to patch your pants so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable when you are wearing the jeans and the result is amazing like as if they were altered by a tailor.

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