There are Different types of sewing Machines

There are many types of  sewing machines with extra pieces and whistles other than the basic sewing machines stitches. If you are passionate about sewing it should be interesting to learn more about the machines since it can help you with further projects.

As you developed a more intense  bond with sewing you realize the insufficiency of your simple machine, you might start to think on buying a bigger or better machine. Perhaps you want to turn your hobby into a profession but in that case you might need something much better like a industrial sewing machine and a computerized embroidery machine.

There are many things to learn about this different types of sewing machines than the obvious one. Some of this categories overlap and some you may never have seen or even consider buying.

1) Domestic Model Sewing machine

This is the general home sewing machine that’s  available for hobby sewing. This type of sewing machine can simple be use and can do many things and almost all the things you need for sewing clothes, accessories and home decoration. Some may sew only straight seams but better machines will have zig-zag stitches, other decorative stitches or even  buttonhole stitching. The disadvantage of a domestic sewing machine is that it can’t  sew too many layers of fabric all together at once or even sew for long period of time at a stretch without the motor getting heated.At first, the stitching may look wonky and slightly imperfect but with practice it gets better. However you practice, and sew as many hours you like.

2) Industrial Model Sewing Machine 

With an industrial sewing machine, these problems are solved. You can sew for a long time continuously without any problem, with any weight of material among wovens, synthetics, woolens, and knits. The stitches also come out evenly balanced, straight and overall perfect. The industrial sewing machines operate at high speed and you can finish anything you sew in so much less time than you would normally with a hobby sewing machine. You can sew thick materials with your home sewing machine but it will take you some time and the needle might break but with an industrial machine will be more easier and faster you can sew things like slippers, bags, dolls using different materials like leather, plastic or canvas . An industrial machine will cost you a little bit more higher than the regular domestic sewing machine 

3 ) Mechanical Sewing Machines 

This is the first sewing machine I’ve ever owned when i started my business and still do – This is a simple hobby sewing machine is for you to practice, with simple knobs which can be turn in different types of way, when you want  to adjust the stitch length, stitch width, sewing machine tension, or even when you want to make simple decorative stitches.

These mechanical activities make it a mechanical sewing machine. But this are not the best of the sewing machines, they are a very affordable option for first time hobby. They work on a single electric motor that turns gears and belts of the machine

4) Computerized Sewing Machine 

A computerized sewing machine is an electronic sewing machine with an additional ability to do adornment work and to set up different types of programs and it can be made with your preferred settings of operations when you want to sew. They will have options to combine a lot of embroidery stitches to do adornment work anyway you’d like .

Computerized sewing machines can make up to 7 different types of buttonholes in one easy step, a lot of decorative stitches that you will never use in your entire life, automatic needle threading, LCD display screen on the front with easy-to-use stitch selector usually in the form of convenient switches, speed control etc. Understandably this machine is a lot more expensive than any other models since it’s electronic sewing. 

5) Mini Sewing Machines 

  A mini sewing machine is a sewing machine that is portable and very  small and sews a straight line, enough to do  alterations, repairs, adjustments, and simple sewing projects.

These machines take up so much less space, and are so cheap and claims to sew up everything including home furnishings and clothes. Some come with zigzag stitching along with the straight stitching which helps to do more projects.

 These machines may not be very durable and does not sew over even moderately heavy material and may frequently get jammed or the needle can break as you sew.

 But there’s a chance that it may not sew at all after the salesperson demonstrated it to you , at least not for long. But then you get what you pay for so it’s up to you decide if you want to expend money on a machine that’s not gonna work for a long period of time but it will work if you only want to fix or adjust any sewing projects.

6) Coverstitch machine 

These are specialized sewing machines that make cover stitches, which make great looking cover hems on knit garments. You can make tri-cover stitches, wide cover stitches, and narrow cover stitches (3mm, 6mm). They are used for hemming, binding, topstitching or adding decorative effects to any type of project that you are making.

7) Sergers (Overlock Machine)

A serger is a multi-purpose sewing machine used to make durable seams as well as sew hems and finish fabric edges. It is a very useful and durable machine to buy when you sew with knit fabrics like sportswear, stretchy activewear fabric, knit dresses. 

You may hear of it as overlock machine or overedge machine. An advantage is that you can combine edge neatening and seam closing together with one stitching making it look better. Some sergers will have a cutter which automatically cuts edges as it sews the overlock along the edge which helps to complete the process faster.

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