Different types of Fabric

If you’re wanting to learn to sew or already know how but you’re looking for some tips, fabric is probably something that makes you drivel. There’s just something great about piles the untouched fabric. Something that triggers you that makes you buy them. But that fabric store can confuse you with all the different types of fabric and rows of fabric bolts. There are many large wonderful fabric stores but they can also be intimidating when trying to pick a fabric. Here we are gonna give you some tips on how to buy fabric and what you’re looking at when you walk through that fabric store.

There are many types of fabrics typically the basic cotton fabric but they are also called calico in the fabric world. They might be arranged by color, style or texture.

Cottons or Calicos:

This are 100% cotton fabrics, they will probably shrin and ideally should be pre-washed and are going to be very plentiful at most stores. They are available in many different styles including designer fabrics with trendy prints , baby fabrics ,seasonal fabrics. This types of fabric can be used for bags, aprons,quilts.

Tip: Use the fabric that’s gonna suit your project and choose the style you prefer but at the same time one type of fabric that matches the season we are in.

Heavyweight Fabrics:

These are more heavier and thicker fabrics than the basic cotton fabric, they are more sturdy which holds up longer which makes them great options for outdoors project or projects that need a little weight to them. Like duck,canvas and denim. They can be used for throw pillows, tote bags or anything else that you want a heavier weight for.

Plush Fabric:

This fabric is like Fleece and minky, these type of fabrics are perfect for things like a cozy blankets, pajamas or all baby things. They will be a little bit more expensive but they can pill after washing. This fabrics are used for any type of stuffed animals or anything that needs to be more snuggly.

Flannel Fabric:

Usually you will find a flannel section with lots of baby prints as well as other prints. It won’t be as thick as the fleece, it’s more likely like basic cotton, but one side of it will be soft to the touch. The fabric is soft and snuggly but will most definitely shrink and pill after it has been  washed a few times. This fabrics are used in pajamas, blankets or things that you want be soft but not bulky.

Special Occasion Fabrics:

This fabrics are like satin ( soft and silky), tulle (like netting) and silks. This type of fabrics are used for dresses and other fancy things. They are quite a bit harder to sew on than regular cotton and will take some practice because they are so slippery to work with. 

Jersey Knits Fabric/ Cotton Jersey:

This fabric is soft and stretchy like a t-shirt, they can be a little more harder to sew on because they stretch while sewing but it’s not impossible to sew with this fabric. This type of fabric are used in skirts, shirts and other apparel.

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