How to hem jeans

It’s pretty sad  when a pair of your favorite jeans gets ruined because they’re too long and you’re stepping all over them. So what? So, there’s a fix. Not only does hemming your jeans prolong the lifetime  of your clothes but it makes you look more stylish.

All you gonna need are  some simple supplies such as a ruler, scissors, tailor’s chalk, thread, iron, s ewing machine.

1 Try on your jeans and wear the shoes you would most likely wear with them, then you need to mark the jeans so you know where to shorten them. 

Tip: If you wear a couple of different pairs of shoes, put on the lowest ones which that prevents the jeans from not dragging onto the ground which causes damage in the lower part of your jeans.

2. Use a safety pin to secure the material better and then turn the excess fabric under until the pants are the desire length you’d like. 

3. Your are going to start marking along where the safety pins are on the inside and outside

4. Once you mark along the safety pins, you are going to start unpinning the safety pins and with a help of a ruler measure how much is the distance between the chalk mark. For this jean is going to be 2 1/2 inches. After you know the measurements you are going to apply them starting from the very bottom of the jeans.

5. To make the bottom hem we are going to use a ruler and measure 1 inch . You are going to use the chalk mark from the 2 1/2 inches and from there mark one 1 inch down to make the bottom hem.

6. After you measure for the bottom hem you are gonna go ahead and use scissors and start cutting from the second mark that was for the bottom hem.

7. Using the 1 inch you are going to divide it in twice and fold it up to make the bottom hem (like shown below)and from there you are going to start sewing.

Tip. We highly recommend  you to use a heavy weight thread and also use heavy duty needle that are specific for heavy weight fabric but it all depends on your machine also we recommend using the same color thread so it gives a more professional look.

Another Tip: If you don’t have a heavy weight thread you could do a double or triple fold to the regular thread and  find a thread that’s pretty close to the color thread that’s on the rest of the pants.

8. Place the fabric under the foot and sink your needle in the fabric   You may have to hand turn the wheel on the side of the machine a few stitches over this thickness. Once you over the hump, continue sewing and keep on folding the fabric . Use the measurement marks on the sewing machine to help you keep track of straight line. If you don’t line it up fabric and keep it straight , the hem can get twisted. Now you sew back and forth using the balance wheel to make a tack* “ to secure the hem seam*’’

Tip: Also you can baste the fabric so it helps you guide yourself when you are sewing. You could hit the hump with the hammer so it gets thinner so the machine doesn’t get damage and it prevents the needle from breaking.

10. Set the iron to a steam setting and press against the fabric to give make it look more like a professional job and you are done hemming your jeans

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